Practices and Policies

At Red Leaf Packaging we are proud of the many tangible steps we have taken to be socially and environmentally responsible in every aspect of our overall operations:


  • We recycle 100% of all wood and corrugated bi-products as well as all office paper, cans and plastic.
  • Our corrugated and wood packaging is re-usable, recyclable and made from 100% renewable resources.
  • We recently converted the lighting system in our facility to high efficiency fluorescents resulting in a 40% reduction in consumed electricity.
  • We extended the length of our flatbed trailer fleet from 48′ to 53′, resulting in a 9.4% reduction in delivery trips and fuel consumption.


  • We converted to thermostat timers to lower heat during off-hours, resulting in a 16% reduction in natural gas consumption during winter months.
  • We use 100% electronic invoicing and a web-based fax service to reduce paper consumption.
  • We have an industry leading health & safety program to protect our staff and all visitors to our facility.
  • We are a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity.

We remain committed to continue to advance these important initiatives in
our operations and to creating products for our customers that are equally sustainable throughout their life cycle.